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Updating samba

Neth Server Version: 7.3.1611 Module: samba After updating this morning only unprotected samba shares are accessible. Did a rollback of the latest update with yum history undo, all working again.

This is the log from the updates that broke it : May 23 Updated: samba-common-4.4.4-13.el7_3.noarch May 23 Updated: samba-client-libs-4.4.4-13.el7_3.x86_64 May 23 Updated: libwbclient-4.4.4-13.el7_3.x86_64 May 23 Updated: samba-common-libs-4.4.4-13.el7_3.x86_64 May 23 Updated: nethserver-httpd-3.1.3-1.ns7.noarch May 23 Updated: samba-libs-4.4.4-13.el7_3.x86_64 May 23 Updated: samba-common-tools-4.4.4-13.el7_3.x86_64 May 23 Updated: nethserver-sssd-1.2.1-1.ns7.noarch May 23 Updated: nethserver-mail-server-1.10.13-1.ns7.noarch May 23 Updated: libsmbclient-4.4.4-13.el7_3.x86_64 May 23 Updated: samba-client-4.4.4-13.el7_3.x86_64 May 23 Updated: nextcloud-11.0.3-2.ns7.noarch May 23 Updated: libtirpc-0.2.4-0.8.el7_3.x86_64 May 23 Updated: rpcbind-0.2.0-38.el7_3.x86_64 May 23 Updated: nethserver-nextcloud-1.1.3-1.ns7.noarch May 23 Updated: nethserver-roundcubemail-1.2.7-1.ns7.noarch May 23 Updated: nethserver-dc-1.2.2-1.ns7.x86_64 May 23 Updated: samba-4.4.4-13.el7_3.x86_64 May 23 Updated: nethserver-ejabberd-1.1.5-1.ns7.noarch May 23 Updated: nethserver-httpd-admin-2.0.10-1.ns7.noarch May 23 Updated: nethserver-mail-filter-1.4.4-1.ns7.noarch [2017/05/26 .425671, 0] ../source3/auth/auth_domain.c:225(domain_client_validate) domain_client_validate: unable to validate password for user eddie in domain DISCWORLD to Domain controller NSDC-NETHSERVER.

Samba is open source software that enables file and print sharing using the SMB file-sharing protocol.

You can add the parameter:to the [global] section of your and restart smbd.

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Please note that the Samba Team has also advised: “This prevents clients from accessing any named pipe endpoints.

Note this can disable some expected functionality for Windows clients.” As with any workarounds, this should be fully tested in your environment before a large-scale deployment is performed.

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