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Datingrevealed info

Ok Cupid also revealed some interesting information about the changing attitudes towards sex and how it defines a relationship.

It found that most individuals (76%) would need to sleep with someone before they considered marrying them – an 11% rise on those who answered “yes” ten years ago.

And while casual sex is more available via dating apps, and arguably more apparent in popular culture than it was a decade ago, that doesn’t mean people don’t want depth in their relationships.

The Lough Lene Boat, also known as The Monks' Boat, is an underwater archaeological artifact from prehistoric Ireland.

“What’s more, smartphones are ever-present, always-on portals to finding someone to hook up with.

Given the close proximity to the Fore Abbey, the estate owner Smythe concluded that the bell possibly belonged to the St Feichin Abbey; During the Viking and Anglo-Norman oppressions, it may have been transferred to Nun's Island, before being eventually being hidden upon Castle Island.Nuns Island, a site popularly associated with the history of the Lough Lene Boat, is visible in this photo of Lough Lene shows.Turgesius Island and the Castle Isles are also visible. The boat, which resembled a "dug out canoe", was discovered by divers belonging to the local Mullingar Sub Aqua Club.According to the results, over half (59%) of participants said they would not date someone just for sex.Breaking this figure down further, Ok Cupid found the number of straight men who answered “no” to the question fell by 8% from 2005, with the number of bisexual men who answered “no” dropping by 15%.

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However, the number of straight men who expect their “forever-relationship” to be with their most sexually satisfying person has risen by 16% from 2005. She enjoys travelling and likes to spend her free time socialising with friends and attending music events.