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Dating rolleicord cameras

I reviewed an early Voigtländer roll film camera from 1927 called the Rollfilm here, and found it to be a well built, but basic camera capable of really nice shots.

Voigtländer had great success around this time as both a maker of fine plate cameras and lenses.

The Brillant V6 would grow in size slightly and would also be offered with a focusing version where the taking and viewing lenses are externally coupled, bringing the camera back up to a more traditional TLR design.

Despite these upgrades, the entire Brillant series was discontinued in 1951 and Voigtländer would never again make a TLR or Psuedo TLR.

In 1915, the company would outgrow it’s original factory in Braunschweig and would move to a larger facility on the other side of town.

As Voigtländer gained experience making cameras over the next decade, they would experiment with other designs, such as Single Lens Reflex and roll film cameras.

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A 1933 Burke & James catalog lists the f/7.7 Brilliant for $12.50 which when adjusted for inflation, is comparable to $237 today.

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