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Spent one night there on my way from Romania to Ukraine Already made a mental note passing through that I should go back. We were now a group of six, and soon headed to dentist friends apartment (nice place and cheap) where he cooked some kick ass Med food for sunrise dinner. This afternoon, nursing a hideous hangover, I headed to beautiful cafe on lake in urban park. At the end of my second Czech beer (.25 thank you), in walked a party of three. They were Russians and the single chica was newly arrived from Moscow.

Be an American, tip your bartenders well, be a gentleman, smile, be-in shape, have some style - you'll be the king. Are there any good pubs/bars there or is it mainly just discos/nightclubs? But you have to understand, there is so much and it is of such high quality, that you can easily get lazy. In my drunken haze, I saw an amazingly sexy woman dancing in front me - smiling and basically fucking me with her eyes. I paid my bill, and before I could stand up, they invited me to sit down. I spent the next three hours eating some superb local food, banging vodka shots and having a fucking ball with great people.

Costs are very low - my spend for a big night out is less than - and thats drinking good local champagne for myself and shots of tequila for the girls. Its actually great for me because I am always solo and this keeps the clowns out and hotties in. If I was to do it all over again, I'd stay at the uber-funky "Hotel Cosmos" - a Soviet throw back replete with a garish lobby and very nice staff.

You have to love the sight of beautiful women knocking back shots of cheap tequila.

Look at this setting: (Windows version: Edit | Preferences | Store) Uncheck the highlighted ’m not sure how this feature is supposed to work, but once disabled, podcasts started refreshing correctly favorites tag can be added to prevent the best episodes from being deleted those of you still using Apple’s i OS Podcast app for syncing episodes with i Tunes, Apple recommends jumping up to the new version which just got Siri and Car Play integration, as well as improved Tunes adds a couple of improvements to the Podcast section of i Tunes that make browsing between subscribed podcasts easier by showing you which episodes you haven’t listened to, thanks to a new Unplayed tab. I've seen a Palestinian and an Indian working it in the clubs. If you have the green, they are likely color blind. I took a trip last year to every country in Europe Turkey, and out of all the countries... A simple walk down the center of town will blow your mind. If you are fun and outgoing that is going to really set you apart. Unfortunately, I was traveling with my gf at the time. This clip will problaby give you an insight of how ORDINARY girls may look like in Chisinau Ukraine and Moldova are far more diverse and mixed than Polish girls, that´s why they manage to produce more beautiful girls than Poland. I live in Sweden where the majority of immigrants are polish. My guess is that it's like Ukraine meaning a SNL is tough, but getting laid on the first date or so is not so tough. My aforementioned Palestinian dentist friend insisted we head to another venue, thus my private party was terminated - stupid move. I'm wondering about chances of getting a SNL there? Sunday afternoon update; I closed "Drive" and before doing so, I was pounding vodka shots with three very hot chicas, who were shaking their tits in my face. You have to understand, there is such a shortage of decent men in this country, and the one's with money and game are beyond the reach of all but the model quality. Smoking hot women everywhere that get themselves drunk...2-1 ratios in favor of women...average woman in clubs being "very attractive"...women in their mid 20s that couldn't care less how old you are...local dudes that are poor, no game and look like monkeys.

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(in regards to day life and nightlife) What time do bars close? "Completely safe." No beef at all from the "organized guys"?