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Adolecent dating in the 2016s

DNA analysis has identified the HIV-1 virus as originating in a substrain of chimpanzees in west equatorial Africa .It has been determined that the place of origin was a specific city, Kinshasa, which is now the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.Once the virion invades a host cell, it turns it into a viral “factory.” The infected host cell is then referred to as the HIV virus AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is a complex condition caused by HIV, which kills or impairs cells of the immune system and progressively destroys the body’s ability to fight infection and disease.People with damaged immune systems are vulnerable to diseases that do not threaten people with healthy immune systems.(New York City is the major gateway for African immigrants coming to the United States.) .HIV mutates readily, leading to many different strains of HIV, even within the body of a single infected person.Trying to make it sound like a bad horror sequel there.

There have been only several hundred cases of HIV-2 diagnosed in the United States, primarily in New York City and surrounding areas and limited mainly to persons born in West Africa.

The immune system cannot get rid of HIV because the virus particles attack a key component of the system, the CD4 T cells, invade them, use them to produce copies of themselves, and then destroy those cells.

The virus particles that invade the host cells are called virions, consisting of RNA or DNA surrounded by a protein shell.

These opportunistic infections may cause life-threatening illnesses.

HIV infection causes a specific combination of signs, symptoms, infections, and diseases that are characteristic of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

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There are at least two types of HIV virus: HIV-1 is the cause of AIDS, and HIV-2 is a related group of viruses found in West African patients that is less easily transmitted. Most of the West Africans infected with HIV-2 show none of the symptoms of classic AIDS.